AHS Athletics 2017: Early Predictions say Pigott!

We are one day away from the final showcase of athletic talent among the girls of The Anglican High School. Feb 9th 2017 will be remembered as the day when this year’s championship claims were finally decided but some early predictors are saying that Pigott House is clearly walking away with the 2017 title.

By far, the most hisotrically dominant house at the Anglican High School, they have already amassed 23 titles over the 52 years of competition establishing a near decade long reign at the top. In the last 5 years however, they have only captured the championship once. This begs the question, “why are Pigott supporters so confident?”

The answer lies in their position, ahead of tomorrow’s championship showdown. Sitting in 2nd position, albeit, tied with Bertrand House, the Pigott camp is only 32 points away from leaders, Walton House. This is one of the closest, pre-day totals in recent years, made possible by a strong showing at the 2016 Cross Country Run. final-results

Notwithstanding their position, points amassed on Championship Day are what matters and therein lies the source of elation among the Pigott supporters. Their line up boasts some of the best and most experienced athletes at the Anglican High School. The likes of Shaquanda Felix, Christel Mapson, and 2016 Junior Champion Abigail Jeffery all but ensure that the Junior division and the all important relays belong to Pigott House.


Strong contention is expected from Bertrand House, with whom they are currently tied and Garraway House has its fair share of exceptional talent who will also shine. In fact, the Pigott Camp is counting on it! They have enough of a talent pool to keep their name in the mix in almost every event tomorrow and every win Walton doesn’t get, is a step closer to victory for Pigott. No doubt Bertrand House is thinking the same thing but only time will tell.

Tomorrow February 9th promises to be an exceptional showcase. It’s still anybody’s game and we at Ahspire absolutely cannot wait!





Princess Britton helps Walton claim Junior Road Relay

Walton House remains the overall leader heading into the 52nd GTC FM Anglican High School Athletics Championships on the back of a dominant performance in the Junior Division of the Road Relay.

The Green Team, comprised of Trishanna Stephen, Princess Britton, Akeisha Henry and  Kimasha Lewis, led Walton to a victory just 2 minutes shy of the Junior record set last year.



Walton claims victory in the Junior Road Relay, 3rd in the Senior


Henry, Stephen and Britton had already claimed three of the top 5 positions  in the 2016 Cross Country run despite this being their first year at AHS. Combined with the experience of 3rd year vet, Kimasha Lewis, Walton were expected to excel in today’s event and that they did.

All roads now lead to the National Stadium on February 9th 2017 where this 52 year rivalry will be settled, for now.



Nikeisha Lewis leads Bertrand to Road Relay victory

Betrand House claimed top honours in the Senior Division of the 2017 AHS Road Relay held today Jan 19th 2017. The 4 woman team consisting of Nikeisha Lewis, Heidi Charles, Delissa Phillip and Samantha Joseph delivered a record breaking performance to secure 24points for the Red Team.


Team Red (1st & 3rd) in the 2017 Road Relay


This is the second consecutive win for Bertrand House  in the Senior Division and a much needed victory as they started the day only 32 points behind overall leaders Walton House.

The Road Relay is the final event prior to the annual GTC FM AHS Athletics Championships. All roads now lead to the National Stadium on February 9th 2017 where this 52 year rivalry will be settled, for now.

Road Relay Results.png

AHS Athletics 2017: Garraway House out throws the Competition

It’s the end of the second week of 2017 and things continue to heat up on the road to The Anglican High School Athletics Championships 2017. Garraway House, despite a slow start to the season, have rallied with dominating performances in the Field Events.

Over the course of the past week, (Jan 9th – 13th) the respective coloured camps of the Anglican High School were entrenched in heated rivalry. Days removed from a rain soaked showing at “Track Heats 2017″each House was looking to make a statement in the Field Events. Bertrand House took and early lead in the Sub Junior shotput and Cricket ball events. Walton House did its best to remain in the competition as well but no performance came close to that of the Blue Battalion who blew away all comers in the Discuss event and remained one point shy of the winners in the cricketball and Javelin events as well.

The table below shows the collective House performances over the past few days of competition.

DICUSS 26 7 12 11
SHOTPUT 27 21 15 9
CRICKETBALL 14 16 13 12
JAVELIN 14 15 4 11
TOTAL 81 59 44 43

Despite their strong showing, Garraway House still sits at the bottom of the card heading into week 3 and will no doubt be looking to carry that momentum forward.

 POINTS 227 235 246 284

Walton House does it again! Akisha Henry clinches Cross Country for Walton House

When the dust settled last February, The Bertrand Blazers of Red House claimed the 2016 Athletic Championship however on December 2nd 2016, Walton(Green) House made the first strong claim to that title for the 2017 Athletic Season. For the second consecutive year Walton House has secured first place in the AHS annual Cross Country Run.

henry 3.jpg

Akeisha Henry clinched the top position securing 26pts. Along with strong showings from Princess Britton(3rd), Trishana Stephen (4th) and Breanna Bell (6th), the Green Giants claimed 4 out of the top 10 positions in this year’s race. Henry completed her run in 1:17:11 just 5 minutes shy of the record set by fellow Waltonite Shona Edwards (1:11:59) in 2015.

The combined efforts of the Walton Warriors placed them securely ahead of the competition on 222 points followed closely by the ever Patriotic Pigott House on 185 points. Defending Champions Bertrand House (157) and Garraway House (135) brought up the rear.

The annual GTC FM Anglican High School Athletics Meet is carded for Feb 9th at the National Athletics Stadium with 4 more stops along the way. By all indications thus far, Walton House has its eye set on the title and are showing no signs of back down.

Athlete House Time
Akeisha Henry Walton 1:17:11
Afia Benjamin Pigott 1:23:46
Princess Britton Walton 1:25:55
Trishana Stephen Walton 1:26:11
Nikiesha Lewis Bertrand 1:26:27
Breanna Bell Walton 1:26:44
Regina Samuel Pigott 1:27:44
Jennisha Greenidge Pigott 1:28:40
Heidi Charles Bertrand 1:28:54
Cassie Charles Garraway 1:29:45

New Vaccine for Pigott (Yellow) Fever?

“If you follow the Pigott girls, you get fever!” 


Pigott House has easily been the most impressive Athletic House in the history of The Anglican High School. Their 2015 season however, did not begin on such an impressive note as they held up the rear after the December 5th Cross Country Run in 4th place; a position they held on to securely up until the 2015 Road Relay. This was the beginning of a strong and steady effort from Pigott House as they blew away the competition in the Road Relay, then amassed the 2nd largest total at the Track Heats and further topped this performance in the 2015 High Jump. This seems to be a good indicator of things to come for Pigott House when they take the tracks on Feb 17th.

The 50th Anniversary of the Anglican High School Athletics Meet may very well see another resurgence of Pigott Fever. 

For 9 long years Pigott Fever reigned rampant across The Anglican High School and though strong contenders came and went, nothing seemed to be able to stop their reign. In 1993 however a (red) vaccine was developed. For the next decade, the Pigott Fever was put under control and the Pigott girls would be without the Athletics Championship they had held on 21 separate occasions in the school’s history.  In 2013, the Anglican High School experienced a resurgence of the Pigott Fever and by 2014, a new (blue) vaccine was immediately administered to stop the threat. The 2015 Athletics season however, has seen a steady growth in performance from the Pigott girls. They are now set  in 3rd position on 302 points heading into that decisive day Feb 17th in Tanteen; only 31 points away from the leaders, Garraway House

GARRAWAY Gone Clear!

“Can we do it?” “Yes we can!”

If those words sound familiar; it’s probably because they are. Borrowing a bit from Bob the Builder and President Barrack Obama, the AHS Blue Blasters (Garraway House) have staked their claim for back to back AHS Athletic Championships. What they lacked in originality, Garraway House made up for in consistent solid performances during the 2015 preseason to walk into the 50th Anniversary of The AHS Athletics Meet in 1st position on 333 points.

Having captured the AHS Athletic Championships in 2014, the Blue Blasters tasted victory for the first time in 33 years. Despite the lengthy championship drought, it is important to know that when Garraway House first took the reigns of victory, they did not let go for over half a decade and went on to establish the first multi-year reign. This reign lasted for 7 straight years and was only broken due to a cancellation of the athletics meet.


Garraway’s 2015 season opened with a 2nd place position at the December 5th Cross Country Run, 8 points behind Bertrand (Red) House. Whether they saw flashbacks of their years at the bottom of the pack or not, something sparked within Garraway House.  From that point onwards as they topped the leaderboards in the Javelin, Discuss and Shot Put events pulling ahead of the pack by mid season on 227 points. With strong showings at the 2015 Track Heats and Road Relay, Garraway has set themselves in prime position to retain their championship and start another reign as The Anglican High School’s Athletic Champions but so has every other house including Walton (Green) who are only 2 points behind in 2nd place. A keen contest awaits all athletics fans on Feb 17th at the Roy St. John (Tanteen) Recreation Ground. The 50th Anniversary of AHS Athletics Meet is certain to be a thrill ride!