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AHS Athletics 2017: Katelann James wins Gold as Betrand House leaps forward!

The penultimate stop on the road to the 2017 AHS Road Relay took the AHS to the National Stadium for the Long Jump; High Jump and Triple Jump Events on Tuesday Jan 17th. The day was rife with competition but by as early as midday it was clear that Bertrand House would be the force to be reckoned with.

Sitting in third position, 49 points behind current leaders, Walton House, Bertrand needed a strong showing. The defending champions proved last year, by coming back from a near 100 point deficit, that when Bertrandites are backed into a corner, they shine and shine they did!

Mickesha Blackman set the pace early in the Preparatory Long Jump and High Jump competition capturing silver for Bertrand House falling a mere 0.2m short of Cassie Charles of Garraway House in the Long Jump.


Katelann James wins the SubJunior Long Jump

In the Sub Junior Division, Katelann James continued her domineering performance. After capturing gold in the Shot Put and Cricket ball events last week, James moved on to capture gold in the Sub Junior High and Long jump respectively.


Aaliyah Bartholomew ties for 3rd in the Long Jump

Following in similar fashion, Bertrand claimed gold in the Junior High Jump in the name of Aaliyah Bartholomew, who has made a name for herself in this event at the InterCol Games. Bartholomew continued to demonstrate her prowess, capturing gold in the Triple Jump and establishing the school record. Despite a solid effort in the Junior Long Jump, Bartholomew managed a third place tie, falling to Rickeisha Edwards and Sophia Mark of Garraway House.

Games captain of Bertrand House rounded out the day’s performance taking silver in the Senior High Jump, falling second to Pigott’s Reba Mitchell.


Senior Alisha Scott assisting in the High Jump

Below are the points standing heading in Tuesday’s events.











One final stop remains on the road to the 2017 Championships on Feb 9th, “The Road Relay” an event which can yield a maximum 48points. With the scores relatively close, it’s still anyone’s game. All attention shifts to the Road Relay scheduled for Thursday 19th Jan, a contest that promises all the drama of competition.


New Vaccine for Pigott (Yellow) Fever?

“If you follow the Pigott girls, you get fever!” 


Pigott House has easily been the most impressive Athletic House in the history of The Anglican High School. Their 2015 season however, did not begin on such an impressive note as they held up the rear after the December 5th Cross Country Run in 4th place; a position they held on to securely up until the 2015 Road Relay. This was the beginning of a strong and steady effort from Pigott House as they blew away the competition in the Road Relay, then amassed the 2nd largest total at the Track Heats and further topped this performance in the 2015 High Jump. This seems to be a good indicator of things to come for Pigott House when they take the tracks on Feb 17th.

The 50th Anniversary of the Anglican High School Athletics Meet may very well see another resurgence of Pigott Fever. 

For 9 long years Pigott Fever reigned rampant across The Anglican High School and though strong contenders came and went, nothing seemed to be able to stop their reign. In 1993 however a (red) vaccine was developed. For the next decade, the Pigott Fever was put under control and the Pigott girls would be without the Athletics Championship they had held on 21 separate occasions in the school’s history.  In 2013, the Anglican High School experienced a resurgence of the Pigott Fever and by 2014, a new (blue) vaccine was immediately administered to stop the threat. The 2015 Athletics season however, has seen a steady growth in performance from the Pigott girls. They are now set  in 3rd position on 302 points heading into that decisive day Feb 17th in Tanteen; only 31 points away from the leaders, Garraway House

GARRAWAY Gone Clear!

“Can we do it?” “Yes we can!”

If those words sound familiar; it’s probably because they are. Borrowing a bit from Bob the Builder and President Barrack Obama, the AHS Blue Blasters (Garraway House) have staked their claim for back to back AHS Athletic Championships. What they lacked in originality, Garraway House made up for in consistent solid performances during the 2015 preseason to walk into the 50th Anniversary of The AHS Athletics Meet in 1st position on 333 points.

Having captured the AHS Athletic Championships in 2014, the Blue Blasters tasted victory for the first time in 33 years. Despite the lengthy championship drought, it is important to know that when Garraway House first took the reigns of victory, they did not let go for over half a decade and went on to establish the first multi-year reign. This reign lasted for 7 straight years and was only broken due to a cancellation of the athletics meet.


Garraway’s 2015 season opened with a 2nd place position at the December 5th Cross Country Run, 8 points behind Bertrand (Red) House. Whether they saw flashbacks of their years at the bottom of the pack or not, something sparked within Garraway House.  From that point onwards as they topped the leaderboards in the Javelin, Discuss and Shot Put events pulling ahead of the pack by mid season on 227 points. With strong showings at the 2015 Track Heats and Road Relay, Garraway has set themselves in prime position to retain their championship and start another reign as The Anglican High School’s Athletic Champions but so has every other house including Walton (Green) who are only 2 points behind in 2nd place. A keen contest awaits all athletics fans on Feb 17th at the Roy St. John (Tanteen) Recreation Ground. The 50th Anniversary of AHS Athletics Meet is certain to be a thrill ride!

Bertrand Power cut off?

“We Moving with Bertrand Power!”

These were the leading words at sunset on December 5th 2014, as the AHS Red Stallions (Bertrand House) took the lead at the Cross Country Meet; starting the 2015 Athletic Season with 178 points.Days away from the 50th Anniversary of the AHS Athletics Meet however; the supporters of Bertrand House are seated in 4th position and praying for a massive performance from their athletes.

2014-01-23 12.02.55

No stranger to come from behind victory, the Red Stallions are known for amassing the highest number of points on the day of the Athletics Meet and have done so repeatedly over the past few years. In 2013 and 2014 respectively the general consensus among the Red camp, who came in 4th position, was that a better performance at Cross Country would have certainly closed the gap and put them in line for victory in those years.

2015 started on a more favourable note as Bertrand took the lead after the Cross Country run and kept their name in the mix for the events that followed remaining less than 20 points behind 1st whenever they were not in the lead. That was until the 2015 Road Relay when a blow away performance by Piggot House (Yellow) pushed them to 4th position. Despite an impressive showing at the 2015 Track Heats the Red Stallions round out the 2015 preseason with 283 points, 4th position, heading into the 50th AHS Athletics Meet.

Some say the “Bertrand Power cut off” but standing 50 points away from 1st position, they are in a familiar position, and they have proven that backs against the wall, they can and will perform under pressure. Feb 17th at the Roy St. John (Tanteen) Recreational Grounds, the 50th Anniversary of the Anglican High School Athletics Meet will prove to be a day of reckoning!

Midterm Mark Reading: Tears or Joy?

There’s a lot going on in the Grenada today. cleaning up and battling Chikungunya and preparing in case of Ebola seem high on the priority list but for AHS students, the one thing on their minds is the assembly on Monday  morning October 20th. The results coming from that assembly will also decide how they spend their midterm break coming up later this week; whether it’s celebrating with friends at 5s1’s Ms. Tanteen Fashion Show, the beach or stuck at home with no TV or internet. On Monday therefore, the assembly hall will be packed with students anxious to hear how they performed during the first half of the term; this is the Mark Reading Assembly.

Due to the fact that we use continuous assessment, students are usually constantly studying and practicing in order to accumulate passing grades in all subjects. Mark Reading is the time when students are given the chance evaluate their performances for the first part of the term so that they can find their weak subjects and improve themselves with the help of teachers before they enter the exam hall at the end of the term.DSCN0620

“Mark reading is a time where you find your average scores, know what you need help in and find the resources to better yourself. Its a time that makes you realize if all the time you spend either fooling around or studying really benefited you.”
A form 4 student”
For some students Mark reading is an important stop on the road towards the end of term exams especially since as our teacher remind us, it makes up 40% of our overall grade. Still though, there are some students who don’t seem bothered with it at all for one reason or the other.
“Hmm.. I always did well in my mark reading and don’t really pay much attention to it. Its the End of Term exams.. that’s when everyone is studying”
Anonymous Form 2 student.

Even with the mixed reactions, it is encouraged that students do not make “monkey jokes” around this time. Instead of studying, students are often found roaming around or sitting in class talking and disturbing other classes.

We as Anglican High School Young Ladies however must all keep our standards high and must always strive for the best of the best. Mark Reading may not be seen as important as End of Term exams however it still plays a big part in our grades. I, as a Creative Writing student encourage all students not to be absent minded and to keep the grade average above 60%. A school Master once told us: “Dont strive for just 60%. You will be striving for that 60% and that alone. Strive for 100% Leave space for mistakes, everyone is bound for mistakes.”

Happy studying!