AHS Basketballers go “two up” in 2017 Competition

Wednesday Jan 11th 2017, the Anglican High School basketball team continued their opening charge through the 2017 Interschool Basketball Competition.  The girls from tanteen faced off against the Wesley College, a team well known for its dominance in the Male Division. From the first toss up, Wesley College made it known that AHS was in for a fight and fight they did. After 40 grueling minutes, despite several bumps and a few spills  the AHS powered through to a 30 – 6 win over the Wesley College.

We won but it was a hard match! They were playing agressive. We were a little timid at first but Mr. McSween pumped us up and we got the job done! – Reba (Senior player)

Speaking to the team after the match, they credited their victory to teamwork and it was evident on the court as Kerissa Thomas contined her solid form. In a game where previous standout Nikita Bowen struggled, Thomas stepped up  leading the team into their second victory and claiming the Most Valuable Player award for the 2nd Match. Her efforts were matched with nigh impenetradle defensive work from the likes of Priness Abraham & Alisha Scott who continue to prove their value to the AHS team.

“Mr. McSween always says it. Teamwork! We have a job to do and we got out as a team and do it!” Alisha (Senior)

With two matches out of the way, the AHS Ballers look ahead to Monday’s showdown against the St. Joseph’s Convent St. George. This match up promises to be a heated contest as both teams have been producing strong performances thus far. Their match is scheduled for Monday Jan 16th at the Carenage Basketball Court.


AHS Athletics 2017: Garraway House out throws the Competition

It’s the end of the second week of 2017 and things continue to heat up on the road to The Anglican High School Athletics Championships 2017. Garraway House, despite a slow start to the season, have rallied with dominating performances in the Field Events.

Over the course of the past week, (Jan 9th – 13th) the respective coloured camps of the Anglican High School were entrenched in heated rivalry. Days removed from a rain soaked showing at “Track Heats 2017″each House was looking to make a statement in the Field Events. Bertrand House took and early lead in the Sub Junior shotput and Cricket ball events. Walton House did its best to remain in the competition as well but no performance came close to that of the Blue Battalion who blew away all comers in the Discuss event and remained one point shy of the winners in the cricketball and Javelin events as well.

The table below shows the collective House performances over the past few days of competition.

DICUSS 26 7 12 11
SHOTPUT 27 21 15 9
CRICKETBALL 14 16 13 12
JAVELIN 14 15 4 11
TOTAL 81 59 44 43

Despite their strong showing, Garraway House still sits at the bottom of the card heading into week 3 and will no doubt be looking to carry that momentum forward.

 POINTS 227 235 246 284

Nikita Bowen Shines! AHS continues sporting dominance

The Anglican High School Basketball Team jumpstarted the 2017 Basketball season by handing out a crushing defeat to JW Fletcher Memorial Secondary on Monday January 9th 2017. Supported by standout performances from Princess Abraham, Kerissa Thomas and Alischa Scott, first game MVP Nikita Bowen led Team AHS to a 37 – 03 victory over JWF. Bowen amassed a total of 19 points, accounting for more than half of the AHS total.


“We did well against JW but I think we could have done better. We could have scored more. I think we could do with some more fitness training but I’m ready for Wesley College on Wednesday.” Alischa Scott, senior player

The first round win comes as no surprise to Coach and Physical Education Teacher Edmund McSween who led to team to the finals of the annual competition on two separate occasions in recent years. “Our opponents were a pretty young team so I’m not surprised but there’s more work to be done. Our match against Wesley College should have similar results.” McSween.

The Anglican High School Basketball Team looks to follow in the footsteps of the Netball Teams who clinched both the Junior and Senior Division Championships last December. Their next match up is on Wednesday Jan 11th against the Wesley College.

Walton House does it again! Akisha Henry clinches Cross Country for Walton House

When the dust settled last February, The Bertrand Blazers of Red House claimed the 2016 Athletic Championship however on December 2nd 2016, Walton(Green) House made the first strong claim to that title for the 2017 Athletic Season. For the second consecutive year Walton House has secured first place in the AHS annual Cross Country Run.

henry 3.jpg

Akeisha Henry clinched the top position securing 26pts. Along with strong showings from Princess Britton(3rd), Trishana Stephen (4th) and Breanna Bell (6th), the Green Giants claimed 4 out of the top 10 positions in this year’s race. Henry completed her run in 1:17:11 just 5 minutes shy of the record set by fellow Waltonite Shona Edwards (1:11:59) in 2015.

The combined efforts of the Walton Warriors placed them securely ahead of the competition on 222 points followed closely by the ever Patriotic Pigott House on 185 points. Defending Champions Bertrand House (157) and Garraway House (135) brought up the rear.

The annual GTC FM Anglican High School Athletics Meet is carded for Feb 9th at the National Athletics Stadium with 4 more stops along the way. By all indications thus far, Walton House has its eye set on the title and are showing no signs of back down.

Athlete House Time
Akeisha Henry Walton 1:17:11
Afia Benjamin Pigott 1:23:46
Princess Britton Walton 1:25:55
Trishana Stephen Walton 1:26:11
Nikiesha Lewis Bertrand 1:26:27
Breanna Bell Walton 1:26:44
Regina Samuel Pigott 1:27:44
Jennisha Greenidge Pigott 1:28:40
Heidi Charles Bertrand 1:28:54
Cassie Charles Garraway 1:29:45

Why Pigott House is the one to watch (Part 1)

Like the calm before a storm, some things seem to creep up on you from out of nowhere. This statement characterizes Pigott House in 2016 and if the other teams are not careful, Pigott House could very well walk away with the Championship this year.


Since the start of the athletics season Pigott House has been seemingly comfortably seated in 4th position . Less than 24 hours until the final event before the 2016 AHS Athletics Championship meet, Pigott House is just shy of 100 points behind 1st place Walton. So why should anyone worry about Pigott House? The answer is simple; Legacy!

The AHS Titans in yellow have captured 22 Athletics Championships and held a stranglehold on the title for almost a decade. Over the past 5 years, they have established themselves as the strongest contenders in one other event; the final event, The Road Relay. Every year, no matter how far behind they have been, Pigott House has managed to pull out stellar performances in the Road Relay Event to ensure that they remain in the championship mix at the final showdown. This year will be no exception.

With 48 points up for grabs between the Junior & Senior Division, look for Pigott House to make their final hurrah, a massive one as we look towards Feb 11th at the National Athletics Stadium.

Before Road Relay

Walton Wakes Up! Field Events Part 1

The first half of the 2016 Field Event Season is over and Walton House has proven yet again that they are the queens of the field!


Amassing a total of 53 points among the Long Jump, Javelin and Cricket Ball events, Walton has jumped from 3rd place after Track Heats to establish a 9 point lead, ahead of Garraway House in 2nd.

On Many Jan 11th, Walton House clinched the Senior Long Jump in the name of Helana Lewis, whose best jump of just under 5m edged out the remaining competitors. Lewis’ performance proved to be a rallying cry for the Walton-ites as they went on the amass nearly twice as many points as rival Bertrand House in the Cricket Ball Event today, Tuesday. With commanding performances thus far, Walton House moves into the coveted 1st place position on 246 points.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pigott House, coming off a strong showing at the Jan 8th Track Heats,  falls 38 points behind their closest competitors Bertrand House in 3rd. The once dominant Pigott House remains optimistic heading in the Discuss and Shot Put events later this week and have already set their sights on the once again winning the Jan 22nd Road Relay.

After Field Events Day 1

Feb 11th 2016, is easily shaping up to be anybody’s day, defending champions Walton House has cinched the lead, the question now lingers, can they keep it?

Bertrand Bursts Back! AHS Track Heats 2016

The Anglican High School staff and student body have been in a state of nail-biting tension over the past few days. Since Jan 8th, eyes at home and in the diaspora have been eagerly anticipating the results of the 2016 AHS Track Heats after the strong showings from each House in December.


The Roy St. John (Tanteen) playing field was alight on Friday Jan 8th with jubilant cheers of participants in the 2016 Track Heats. Athletes and non athletes alike took to the track with the singular goal of contributing one more point to the House total heading into the 2016 Athletics Meet.

For the established and aspiring athletes, this was a chance to gauge their opponents and send the clear message, “I’m coming for you on Feb 11th”. For the not so keen, this was a matter of beating friends and earning some inner circle bragging rights to take them through the 2106 season.

At the end of 4 hours of track festivities,Bertrand House, determined to move forward in the rankings, left the field with 41 additional points, edging out closest rivals Pigott House who accumulated 38 points.

After Track Heats

With Track Heats complete, expectations are high going into the upcoming week of Field Events. Walton House is looking to wrangle the lead away from Garraway & Bertrand House while Pigott will seek to ensure that they are not left behind.