A look at special events at the AHS

AHS Athletics 2017: Early Predictions say Pigott!

We are one day away from the final showcase of athletic talent among the girls of The Anglican High School. Feb 9th 2017 will be remembered as the day when this year’s championship claims were finally decided but some early predictors are saying that Pigott House is clearly walking away with the 2017 title.

By far, the most hisotrically dominant house at the Anglican High School, they have already amassed 23 titles over the 52 years of competition establishing a near decade long reign at the top. In the last 5 years however, they have only captured the championship once. This begs the question, “why are Pigott supporters so confident?”

The answer lies in their position, ahead of tomorrow’s championship showdown. Sitting in 2nd position, albeit, tied with Bertrand House, the Pigott camp is only 32 points away from leaders, Walton House. This is one of the closest, pre-day totals in recent years, made possible by a strong showing at the 2016 Cross Country Run. final-results

Notwithstanding their position, points amassed on Championship Day are what matters and therein lies the source of elation among the Pigott supporters. Their line up boasts some of the best and most experienced athletes at the Anglican High School. The likes of Shaquanda Felix, Christel Mapson, and 2016 Junior Champion Abigail Jeffery all but ensure that the Junior division and the all important relays belong to Pigott House.


Strong contention is expected from Bertrand House, with whom they are currently tied and Garraway House has its fair share of exceptional talent who will also shine. In fact, the Pigott Camp is counting on it! They have enough of a talent pool to keep their name in the mix in almost every event tomorrow and every win Walton doesn’t get, is a step closer to victory for Pigott. No doubt Bertrand House is thinking the same thing but only time will tell.

Tomorrow February 9th promises to be an exceptional showcase. It’s still anybody’s game and we at Ahspire absolutely cannot wait!





WALTON Delivers! 2015 AHS Athletics Champions

In what was the most keenly contested athletics meet in recent years, Walton House made good on their season proclamation and brought home both the 2015 Athletic Championship and coveted March Past Title in a hard fought clean sweep at the Roy St. John Playing Field.


The February 17th staging of the 50th Anniversary of the AHS Athletics Meet saw the self proclaimed Walton Warriors enter the decisive day in 2nd position on 331 points. A combined effort led by Junior Champion Princess Whiteman helped the girls in green stay within no more than 3 points of first place Garraway House (393 points) by the start of the tea.

The Tea Break provided an opportunity for Walton House to further boost their morale. They made sure to capitalize on this opportunity with a stellar display of precision and uniformity in the 2015 March Past Parade. In a competition that proved to be just as close as the track events, Walton House amassed a total of 353 points to capture the 2015 March Past title; a mere 15 points ahead of 2nd place Bertrand House. (338 points)


The end of the Tea Break signaled the start of a neck and neck battle between Walton House and Pigott House (Yellow) which saw each team trade top positions from event to event, neither leading by more than 2 points at any time heading into the final 3 events. Solid performances in the final races allowed  the Warriors to edge ahead of their competition and close the day on 451 points, only 7 points ahead of Pigott House (2nd) on 444 points.

In a showdown reminiscent of the 1965 competition which saw them capture the inaugural title, the Walton Warriors once again rose to claim the title of The Anglican High School Athletic Champions!

GTC FM backs AHS Athletics Meet 2015: Current Points Standing

While most Media Houses will look for a glimpse of the action, tomorrow February 17th as AHS stages the 50th Anniversary of The Anglican High School Athletics Meet, one media company has committed to being right in the mix.Taking their long standing relationship, one step further, GTC FM 89. 9 & 90.5 has teamed with The Anglican High School to help stage this year’s athletic showdown which promises to be a keen setting under which, to celebrate 50 years of Athletic Achievement and commemorate the start of a new relationship with GTC FM.

Point Standing (Feb 16th)

GTC bannerfans_10021162

For close to a decade, The Anglican High School’s March Past Ceremony, the highlight of the Tea Break, has been sponsored by the Grenada Trade Center and in recent years GTC FM. The 2015 Athletic Season however, saw the brokerage of a new relationship between the Anglican High School and this long standing supporter.
While keeping somewhat tight lipped regarding what new features are in store for the 2015 Athletics Meet, the AHS Sports Committee & GTC FM has promised, “explosions, fire and excitement and that’s just the opening.”

GTC FM has ensured that they remain an integral part of the AHS Family, with high expectations for their new relationship after the success of The 50th Anniversary Launch and motorcade held on January 31st 2015. All roads now lead to the Roy St. John (Tanteen) Recreation Grounds on Feb 17th at 11:00am for the decisive day.


Find out more about GTC FM

Teachers bust a move for World Teachers Day 2014

Friday October 2nd, was one of the Anglican High School’s memorable and fun filled day in recent memory; teacher’s appreciation day. Traditionally, on a day like this, students and past pupils prepare gifts and ceremonies to appreciate all that has been done for them by their teachers. It’s a day for students to share their appreciation and express their gratitude for assistance, guidance and love given to persons who are responsible for moulding our young adult lives.
“Kamille reciting a poem to the teachers”
One of most my memorable teacher appreciation day was when a particular class in the Anglican High School, presented a full course meal and entertainment for their form master and mistress. This year, teachers were gathered on the stage while students were packed into the hall to celebrate this event.
Students presented poems, songs and dances to entertain and pay tribute to their teachers; even now I can hear the assembly hall echoing after Kisslyn, “In the arms of a gifted teacher…”  The celebrations did not end there however; teachers then had their own part to play as they were made to show  some special moves on the dance floor to say thank you for the day of tributes. The highlight of the day though went to Stephie Harris, the Drama Club and the rest of the students who were brave enough to dress up and role play some of the teachers!
“To me, one of the most funniest part was when teachers had to come up and show us a dance move” said one student.Who knew that teachers such as: Mr. John, Mr. Gaspard, Mrs.Abraham and Miss Fletcher had dance moves like this.
Even though some of them teachers have moves, that skit Stephie and them put on was hilarious”
In some cases students were almost a mirror image of the teacher in appearance or in action. They boldly dramatized: Miss Baptise (the principal), Mrs.Thomas, Miss Fletcher, Miss S.Baptiste, Mr.Douglas and a several others.  Teachers had a front row seat on the stage seeing students portray how they would react to certain situations; they cracked up with laughter realizing that, its just how they behave. The students truly captured the heart of the teachers this year and ensured that smiles were glued on the faces of teachers and students all day.
Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Day to all Teachers worldwide.
We hoped you enjoyed it like us.
Ms. Drakes
Ms. Thomas
Ms. N Mitchell and Ms. O. Hankey
DSCN0887 DSCN0905
Mr. Gaspard and Ms. Fletcher
DSCN0911 DSCN0924
Carissa Telesford as our principal Ms. Baptiste
DSCN0941 DSCN0948
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“It’s our history and we don’t know it!” Kamau McBarnette visits AHS

On the 30th of September 2014, Mr.Kamau McBarnette, a man who was heavily involved in the 1979 – 1983 Revolution period and a recently published author,  came to the Anglican High School.  His visit was the first in a series of visits organized by the Anglican High School’s Creative Writing Club. October is generally a month of reflection in Grenada so Mr. McBarnette’s visit gave the Creative Writing Club a chance to learn about both history and literature from a person who is a bit of an expert in both.


Mr. McBarnette was one of the 17 persons who were placed in prison at the end of the revolution in 1983. He remained in prison for 25 years before being released in 2008. Since then he has published his first novel, “My Mother and I” the epic history of Grenada.

”I’ve come across many people both young and old talking about history and how boring it is. That’s one of my many reasons for writing the book. To make them see another side to history, a fun one and an enjoyable one. One that will make them want to continue reading and learning about our history.” K.McBarnette

His visit was generally to inform us on how we could tie in literature with other things to make it come alive and make it interesting like he did with his book. As a former teacher, he was very knowledgeable and very open about his life before during and after the revolution. The conversation was fascinating but as I left the room I was somewhat dejected. After all it is our history and we as Grenadians know little  to nothing about it and even then, the little that is known is not passed on to our generation. The adults just keep it to themselves and make us less acquainted with our history. This is unacceptable.


As Grenadians living in Grenada we should know about the many triumphs and tribulations that we as a people encountered and what it took to get us where we are and make us who we are today. Mr. McBarnette’s visit impacted me personally because only then did I come to the realization that for all my many years living in Grenada, sixteen is a lot for a teenager,  I know close to nothing about our history. I was born here, both my parents are Grenadian and I feel bad because I can’t relate to any of the events that my country has survived. This visit has given us a lot to think during this month of reflection.