Walton House does it again! Akisha Henry clinches Cross Country for Walton House

When the dust settled last February, The Bertrand Blazers of Red House claimed the 2016 Athletic Championship however on December 2nd 2016, Walton(Green) House made the first strong claim to that title for the 2017 Athletic Season. For the second consecutive year Walton House has secured first place in the AHS annual Cross Country Run.

henry 3.jpg

Akeisha Henry clinched the top position securing 26pts. Along with strong showings from Princess Britton(3rd), Trishana Stephen (4th) and Breanna Bell (6th), the Green Giants claimed 4 out of the top 10 positions in this year’s race. Henry completed her run in 1:17:11 just 5 minutes shy of the record set by fellow Waltonite Shona Edwards (1:11:59) in 2015.

The combined efforts of the Walton Warriors placed them securely ahead of the competition on 222 points followed closely by the ever Patriotic Pigott House on 185 points. Defending Champions Bertrand House (157) and Garraway House (135) brought up the rear.

The annual GTC FM Anglican High School Athletics Meet is carded for Feb 9th at the National Athletics Stadium with 4 more stops along the way. By all indications thus far, Walton House has its eye set on the title and are showing no signs of back down.

Athlete House Time
Akeisha Henry Walton 1:17:11
Afia Benjamin Pigott 1:23:46
Princess Britton Walton 1:25:55
Trishana Stephen Walton 1:26:11
Nikiesha Lewis Bertrand 1:26:27
Breanna Bell Walton 1:26:44
Regina Samuel Pigott 1:27:44
Jennisha Greenidge Pigott 1:28:40
Heidi Charles Bertrand 1:28:54
Cassie Charles Garraway 1:29:45

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