Why Pigott House is the one to watch (Part 1)

Like the calm before a storm, some things seem to creep up on you from out of nowhere. This statement characterizes Pigott House in 2016 and if the other teams are not careful, Pigott House could very well walk away with the Championship this year.


Since the start of the athletics season Pigott House has been seemingly comfortably seated in 4th position . Less than 24 hours until the final event before the 2016 AHS Athletics Championship meet, Pigott House is just shy of 100 points behind 1st place Walton. So why should anyone worry about Pigott House? The answer is simple; Legacy!

The AHS Titans in yellow have captured 22 Athletics Championships and held a stranglehold on the title for almost a decade. Over the past 5 years, they have established themselves as the strongest contenders in one other event; the final event, The Road Relay. Every year, no matter how far behind they have been, Pigott House has managed to pull out stellar performances in the Road Relay Event to ensure that they remain in the championship mix at the final showdown. This year will be no exception.

With 48 points up for grabs between the Junior & Senior Division, look for Pigott House to make their final hurrah, a massive one as we look towards Feb 11th at the National Athletics Stadium.

Before Road Relay


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