Walton Wakes Up! Field Events Part 1

The first half of the 2016 Field Event Season is over and Walton House has proven yet again that they are the queens of the field!


Amassing a total of 53 points among the Long Jump, Javelin and Cricket Ball events, Walton has jumped from 3rd place after Track Heats to establish a 9 point lead, ahead of Garraway House in 2nd.

On Many Jan 11th, Walton House clinched the Senior Long Jump in the name of Helana Lewis, whose best jump of just under 5m edged out the remaining competitors. Lewis’ performance proved to be a rallying cry for the Walton-ites as they went on the amass nearly twice as many points as rival Bertrand House in the Cricket Ball Event today, Tuesday. With commanding performances thus far, Walton House moves into the coveted 1st place position on 246 points.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Pigott House, coming off a strong showing at the Jan 8th Track Heats,  falls 38 points behind their closest competitors Bertrand House in 3rd. The once dominant Pigott House remains optimistic heading in the Discuss and Shot Put events later this week and have already set their sights on the once again winning the Jan 22nd Road Relay.

After Field Events Day 1

Feb 11th 2016, is easily shaping up to be anybody’s day, defending champions Walton House has cinched the lead, the question now lingers, can they keep it?


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