Bertrand Bursts Back! AHS Track Heats 2016

The Anglican High School staff and student body have been in a state of nail-biting tension over the past few days. Since Jan 8th, eyes at home and in the diaspora have been eagerly anticipating the results of the 2016 AHS Track Heats after the strong showings from each House in December.


The Roy St. John (Tanteen) playing field was alight on Friday Jan 8th with jubilant cheers of participants in the 2016 Track Heats. Athletes and non athletes alike took to the track with the singular goal of contributing one more point to the House total heading into the 2016 Athletics Meet.

For the established and aspiring athletes, this was a chance to gauge their opponents and send the clear message, “I’m coming for you on Feb 11th”. For the not so keen, this was a matter of beating friends and earning some inner circle bragging rights to take them through the 2106 season.

At the end of 4 hours of track festivities,Bertrand House, determined to move forward in the rankings, left the field with 41 additional points, edging out closest rivals Pigott House who accumulated 38 points.

After Track Heats

With Track Heats complete, expectations are high going into the upcoming week of Field Events. Walton House is looking to wrangle the lead away from Garraway & Bertrand House while Pigott will seek to ensure that they are not left behind.


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