WALTON Delivers! 2015 AHS Athletics Champions

In what was the most keenly contested athletics meet in recent years, Walton House made good on their season proclamation and brought home both the 2015 Athletic Championship and coveted March Past Title in a hard fought clean sweep at the Roy St. John Playing Field.


The February 17th staging of the 50th Anniversary of the AHS Athletics Meet saw the self proclaimed Walton Warriors enter the decisive day in 2nd position on 331 points. A combined effort led by Junior Champion Princess Whiteman helped the girls in green stay within no more than 3 points of first place Garraway House (393 points) by the start of the tea.

The Tea Break provided an opportunity for Walton House to further boost their morale. They made sure to capitalize on this opportunity with a stellar display of precision and uniformity in the 2015 March Past Parade. In a competition that proved to be just as close as the track events, Walton House amassed a total of 353 points to capture the 2015 March Past title; a mere 15 points ahead of 2nd place Bertrand House. (338 points)


The end of the Tea Break signaled the start of a neck and neck battle between Walton House and Pigott House (Yellow) which saw each team trade top positions from event to event, neither leading by more than 2 points at any time heading into the final 3 events. Solid performances in the final races allowed  the Warriors to edge ahead of their competition and close the day on 451 points, only 7 points ahead of Pigott House (2nd) on 444 points.

In a showdown reminiscent of the 1965 competition which saw them capture the inaugural title, the Walton Warriors once again rose to claim the title of The Anglican High School Athletic Champions!


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