Parade on Point: 2015 AHS March Past Results

The highlight of the Tea Break at the Anglican High School Athletics Meet is often a spectacle in itself and the 2015 Athletics Meet was no exception. DSCN1585 This year’s March Past Parade took on a new caliber of performance in accordance with the competitive atmosphere of the day. The result of this was a display of uniformity, teamwork and precision that made all AHS girls proud. When the dust settled and the masterful sounds of the AHS Drum Corps were silenced, it was the display from Walton’s House that wowed judges enough to walk away with the 2015 title. GARRAWAY – 4th – 335 points PIGOTT – 3rd – 337 points BETRAND – 2nd – 338 points WALTON – 1st – 353 points DSCN1589 From the colours and creativity of the team decor, to the expertly executed “Eyes Right” and the culmination of the pageantry with the formation AHS 50 to commemorate the day, the entire 2015 March Past Parade was a sight to behold and a testament to what the Anglican High School girls are capable of when they come together. Exclusive footage of the March Past Parade can be found on the AhSPIRE facebook page here.


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