Walton under pressure: Can the Green House deliver?

“When you see us coming for the gold!”

“It’s cause Walton won it all a week ago!”

Bold proclamations were made by the Green Giants of Walton House at the start of the 2015 Anglican High School Athletics Season. Amassing a total of 166 points on December 5th at the annual Cross Country Run, Walton was seated in 3rd position, staring down tough opposition from Bertrand (Red) and Garraway (Blue), 1st and 2nd place respectively. A consistent string of solid performances throughout the rest of the season however has now put Walton House, only two points away from the defending champions heading into the 50th Annual Anglican High School Athletics Meet on Feb 17th 2015.


Supporters of the Green Giants have come to expect big things from the first ever AHS Athletics Champions. Capturing their first title in the inaugural staging of the event in 1965, Walton House rarely saw victory, much less successive victories until the 2010 – 2012 period. Starting in 2010 the girls in green proved themselves to be giants by setting the record for the highest winning total in the history of The Anglican High School Athletics Meet, a feat which was surpassed each year for the next two years where they won the title. Their impressive run was cut short by “Yellow Fever” Pigott House in 2013 but Walton proved that they were not out of the mix capturing 2nd place then, and, also in the following year when Garraway House claimed top honours.

This 2015 season now finds the Green Giants in 2nd place again on 331 points, a hairbreadth away from Garraway’s House on 333 points (1st). With such bold proclamations put forward, the girls in green are under pressure to live up to their reputation and eclipse a hungry Garraway’s House who have recently tasted victory and have set their eyes on more.

Feb 17th at the Tanteen Recreation Grounds, The 50th Anniversary of the Anglican High School Athletics Meet promises to host a showdown that will not soon be forgotten. What remains to be seen, is who will be walking away victorious.


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