New Vaccine for Pigott (Yellow) Fever?

“If you follow the Pigott girls, you get fever!” 


Pigott House has easily been the most impressive Athletic House in the history of The Anglican High School. Their 2015 season however, did not begin on such an impressive note as they held up the rear after the December 5th Cross Country Run in 4th place; a position they held on to securely up until the 2015 Road Relay. This was the beginning of a strong and steady effort from Pigott House as they blew away the competition in the Road Relay, then amassed the 2nd largest total at the Track Heats and further topped this performance in the 2015 High Jump. This seems to be a good indicator of things to come for Pigott House when they take the tracks on Feb 17th.

The 50th Anniversary of the Anglican High School Athletics Meet may very well see another resurgence of Pigott Fever. 

For 9 long years Pigott Fever reigned rampant across The Anglican High School and though strong contenders came and went, nothing seemed to be able to stop their reign. In 1993 however a (red) vaccine was developed. For the next decade, the Pigott Fever was put under control and the Pigott girls would be without the Athletics Championship they had held on 21 separate occasions in the school’s history.  In 2013, the Anglican High School experienced a resurgence of the Pigott Fever and by 2014, a new (blue) vaccine was immediately administered to stop the threat. The 2015 Athletics season however, has seen a steady growth in performance from the Pigott girls. They are now set  in 3rd position on 302 points heading into that decisive day Feb 17th in Tanteen; only 31 points away from the leaders, Garraway House


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