GARRAWAY Gone Clear!

“Can we do it?” “Yes we can!”

If those words sound familiar; it’s probably because they are. Borrowing a bit from Bob the Builder and President Barrack Obama, the AHS Blue Blasters (Garraway House) have staked their claim for back to back AHS Athletic Championships. What they lacked in originality, Garraway House made up for in consistent solid performances during the 2015 preseason to walk into the 50th Anniversary of The AHS Athletics Meet in 1st position on 333 points.

Having captured the AHS Athletic Championships in 2014, the Blue Blasters tasted victory for the first time in 33 years. Despite the lengthy championship drought, it is important to know that when Garraway House first took the reigns of victory, they did not let go for over half a decade and went on to establish the first multi-year reign. This reign lasted for 7 straight years and was only broken due to a cancellation of the athletics meet.


Garraway’s 2015 season opened with a 2nd place position at the December 5th Cross Country Run, 8 points behind Bertrand (Red) House. Whether they saw flashbacks of their years at the bottom of the pack or not, something sparked within Garraway House.  From that point onwards as they topped the leaderboards in the Javelin, Discuss and Shot Put events pulling ahead of the pack by mid season on 227 points. With strong showings at the 2015 Track Heats and Road Relay, Garraway has set themselves in prime position to retain their championship and start another reign as The Anglican High School’s Athletic Champions but so has every other house including Walton (Green) who are only 2 points behind in 2nd place. A keen contest awaits all athletics fans on Feb 17th at the Roy St. John (Tanteen) Recreation Ground. The 50th Anniversary of AHS Athletics Meet is certain to be a thrill ride!


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