Bertrand Power cut off?

“We Moving with Bertrand Power!”

These were the leading words at sunset on December 5th 2014, as the AHS Red Stallions (Bertrand House) took the lead at the Cross Country Meet; starting the 2015 Athletic Season with 178 points.Days away from the 50th Anniversary of the AHS Athletics Meet however; the supporters of Bertrand House are seated in 4th position and praying for a massive performance from their athletes.

2014-01-23 12.02.55

No stranger to come from behind victory, the Red Stallions are known for amassing the highest number of points on the day of the Athletics Meet and have done so repeatedly over the past few years. In 2013 and 2014 respectively the general consensus among the Red camp, who came in 4th position, was that a better performance at Cross Country would have certainly closed the gap and put them in line for victory in those years.

2015 started on a more favourable note as Bertrand took the lead after the Cross Country run and kept their name in the mix for the events that followed remaining less than 20 points behind 1st whenever they were not in the lead. That was until the 2015 Road Relay when a blow away performance by Piggot House (Yellow) pushed them to 4th position. Despite an impressive showing at the 2015 Track Heats the Red Stallions round out the 2015 preseason with 283 points, 4th position, heading into the 50th AHS Athletics Meet.

Some say the “Bertrand Power cut off” but standing 50 points away from 1st position, they are in a familiar position, and they have proven that backs against the wall, they can and will perform under pressure. Feb 17th at the Roy St. John (Tanteen) Recreational Grounds, the 50th Anniversary of the Anglican High School Athletics Meet will prove to be a day of reckoning!


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