WALTON ready: AHS Atheltic Season starts with a blaze!

The first house meeting of the season usually sets the tone for the rest of the Athletic Year and judging from the energy circulating the school, the 50th Anniversary of The Anglican High School Athletics Meet is going to be blazing!

The defending champions Garraway House (Blue) are keen on repeating last season’s victory after holding the trophy for the first time in 33 years. A back to back win however will not come easy in the 2015 season with Walton House (Green) rearing to prove that they are the most dominant team after Garraway eclipsed their record for the highest ever winning total.

Reports indicate that Walton House has already begun talking strategy after recruiting assistance from key sources at the nearby G.B.S.S. The green giants who dominated the 2010 – 2012 seasons made a bold proclamation at the season’s opening and it seems they are intent and seeing that promise through.


This year we going for the sports!

Other houses they don’t even know!

When you see us going for the gold,

It’s cause Walton won the sports a week ago!


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