Parents vs Teens: The Party Culture

Grenadians, especially the children of this generation, just LOVE partying; the longer, later “wetter” the better. The first choice for an activity to celebrate something or nothing at all is a party.

Feeling down? Let’s party!
Exams done? Let’s party!
Got an A? Let’s party!
Got bad grades? Let’s party!
Feeling stressed? Let’s party!
Brand new dress? Let’s party!
Just had a child? Let’s party
Someone died? Let’s party!
Something happen? Party!
Nothing happen? Party!

While there have always been parties for adults, teen parties have become more and more common. Some teens, still in secondary school, have even been to popular night clubs to get their party on.


There’s a saying though, it’s not always what you do but how you do it. There is nothing wrong with going out and having fun and ‘shaking a leg’ as they say, but the problem is when, how often and what we do when we do party. When we attend our parties we don’t just dance or look around to enjoy ourselves. We misbehave, we “play a mas”, we shake a leg, and most of all tend to drink alcoholic beverages. In the name of freeing up and enjoying our lives we tend to make these irresponsible choices which can have long term effects. As a teenager though, most of us think that we can control ourselves and we’re not “stupid” enough to go overboard with anything but sadly a lot of us do.

On top of this it seems like some teens have become addicted to parties. Every show, every event; no fete can miss them! This raises a lot of questions about whether or not students should be attending these events which are often really designed for adults/ young adults and how parents are/should be involved.

Teen Comments

“I know we does cyan remember thing when we done do we thing and sometimes we doesn’ mean to do what we doing but a fete real wet up and thing, who could miss? Plus we does want a little rest after we come out and burst we brain in school, you know?”

Another student

“all yuh like too much o’ holiday. All yuh getting time off for almost all them whole terms plus a good two months off from school, still while school going on al yuh want to go and party? All you don’t want school.”

Others remarked that this child was being boring, while some agreed partying is not for during school time.

Parent Comments

“Well I know how it does hard to not get a little rest after school so I does make sure my girl get a little happy time to she-self because I know AHS does push work.”

“I does leave her to make up her own mind for what she want but she know I doh takin’ no stupidness from her.”

“It’s time for us to wake up and stop being unreasonable. Partying is not benefitting the child when she is doing it during the school year.”

While some of the parents saw partying as a rest time, the others saw it as a waste of time. Most came to the decision that partying is not appropriate during the school year because the school has its ‘breaks’ for example: school fair, drum fest, intercol, sports and different school functions; so what do we need again?

My 2 cents

It’s a big, wide world and not everyone has everything easy and education is a big part of life. We need education to get ready for our future lives. We need it for getting employed and/or creating a job. But how do we get/create a job to help with family life if we start slacking now? Why start partying in the wrong time and mess up ourselves when we can make a better life for ourselves and our families. I mean there is nothing wrong with having a little fun, but when some of us are given an inch we take a yard and end up getting drunk, taken advantage of or even pregnant during school years. There’s a time and a place for everything. During school we should focus on school and school functions and save the adult life for adult life.


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