AHS debate what?

Form 2H students wowed their Math Teachers on Friday October 17th when they faced each other in a round of debate on two Math Topics. The debates were organized by Mathematics Teachers Ms. LaTouche and Mr. John and judged by Mr. Gaspard. Eight (8) teams faced each other debating on the moots: 1) Be it resolved that a Square is a Rectangle and 2) Be it resolved that all quadrilaterals are polygons. The debates attracted members of the Anglican High school’s debate team and other teachers as well.


Mr. Gaspard, the head judge was very pleased with the points each team used to argue for and against the moots and shared how very proud he was of the debaters. Mr. John also shared how pleased he was with the amount of effort the students put into their presentations. The debates, he said, “were used to round up the topic of polygons and give the students an exciting way to strengthen what they had learned.”

The students also shared how exciting it was for them to be a part of their first debate. Although many of them were nervous, in the end they enjoyed the activity very much and are already talking about a round two. The members of the AHS Debate team were also happy to see the debates happen and hoped that something similar could be done in Form 3 and 4 as well.

The AHS Debate team prepares for their third match against Bishop’s college on Monday Oct 20th after successfully winning their two previous matches. Now that they have seen that their are future debaters to take over when they step down, maybe they will be even more encouraged to leave a legacy for the upcoming students.


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