Teachers bust a move for World Teachers Day 2014

Friday October 2nd, was one of the Anglican High School’s memorable and fun filled day in recent memory; teacher’s appreciation day. Traditionally, on a day like this, students and past pupils prepare gifts and ceremonies to appreciate all that has been done for them by their teachers. It’s a day for students to share their appreciation and express their gratitude for assistance, guidance and love given to persons who are responsible for moulding our young adult lives.
“Kamille reciting a poem to the teachers”
One of most my memorable teacher appreciation day was when a particular class in the Anglican High School, presented a full course meal and entertainment for their form master and mistress. This year, teachers were gathered on the stage while students were packed into the hall to celebrate this event.
Students presented poems, songs and dances to entertain and pay tribute to their teachers; even now I can hear the assembly hall echoing after Kisslyn, “In the arms of a gifted teacher…”  The celebrations did not end there however; teachers then had their own part to play as they were made to show  some special moves on the dance floor to say thank you for the day of tributes. The highlight of the day though went to Stephie Harris, the Drama Club and the rest of the students who were brave enough to dress up and role play some of the teachers!
“To me, one of the most funniest part was when teachers had to come up and show us a dance move” said one student.Who knew that teachers such as: Mr. John, Mr. Gaspard, Mrs.Abraham and Miss Fletcher had dance moves like this.
Even though some of them teachers have moves, that skit Stephie and them put on was hilarious”
In some cases students were almost a mirror image of the teacher in appearance or in action. They boldly dramatized: Miss Baptise (the principal), Mrs.Thomas, Miss Fletcher, Miss S.Baptiste, Mr.Douglas and a several others.  Teachers had a front row seat on the stage seeing students portray how they would react to certain situations; they cracked up with laughter realizing that, its just how they behave. The students truly captured the heart of the teachers this year and ensured that smiles were glued on the faces of teachers and students all day.
Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Day to all Teachers worldwide.
We hoped you enjoyed it like us.
Ms. Drakes
Ms. Thomas
Ms. N Mitchell and Ms. O. Hankey
DSCN0887 DSCN0905
Mr. Gaspard and Ms. Fletcher
DSCN0911 DSCN0924
Carissa Telesford as our principal Ms. Baptiste
DSCN0941 DSCN0948
See our gallery for more pics!

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